100 Peaks Challenge of San Diego – 2017

Clark Valley from Villager Peak Trail - 100 Peaks Challenge

Clark Valley from Villager Peak Trail

This 100 Peaks Challenge is a work in progress.

This peak list different from the Sierra Club’s list. It’s intended to be a lot more accessible and encourages everyone to see every corner of the county. I recommend saving the challenging ones for when you’ve gotten some trail miles behind you and you’ve dialed in your gear, navigation skills, and understand your capabilities.

Update Jan 17, 2017: List of Peaks added below. This list will be gradually updated with links and details. It is subject to change.

Details as of now:

– Climb the 100 Peaks below in the 2017 calendar year
– Special modified Children’s Peak List coming soon
– Submit a summit photo (preferably a selfie) on the wall at the 100 Peaks FB Page of each peak
– You’ll receive at least a patch for finishing (more TBD)
– Finishers party in early 2018 (I know a burger restaurant that might be interested in hosting)
– Rather than an entry fee, please become a member of or donate to one or more of the following local organizations:

This first year is meant to be a pilot to see how feasible 100 Peaks in a year is and to see if the 100 peaks list needs to be modified in any way.

We expect you to:

  • be in decent physical condition and know your limitations
  • know what to bring on a hike, including water, clothing, and equipment
  • know how to read a map, navigate outdoors, and do your own preparation (many peaks do not have marked trails or trails at all)
  • leave no trace and pick up any litter you find
  • not hold 100peaks.com responsible for any injuries that occur while in pursuit of these peaks
  • be kind to anyone you meet on the trail
  • observe all posted rules and avoid trespassing onto private land
  • hike with a buddy if you are not extremely experienced
  • turn around and descend a mountain in unsafe conditions; do not be consumed by summit fever

Check back soon or follow me on Facebook to be notified of updates.

Please Contact Me with any questions or suggestions! Thank you for your inspiration.

Peak NamePark/AreaDateMilesElevMapNotes
Iron MountainCity of Poway6/24/095.82696Trail Map
Black MountainBlack Mountain Open Space Park7/3/0941554Trail Map
Bernardo MountainSan Dieguito River Park7/8/097.21150Trail Map
Mount IsraelElfin Forest Recreational Reserve7/27/094.51346Trail Map
Woodson MountainCity of Poway7/28/093.62901
Mount GowerMount Gower Open Space Preserve8/17/0993110
Cowles MountainMission Trails Regional Park9/1/0931593
P1379 (Pyles Peak)Mission Trails Regional Park9/2/0961379
P1194 (Kwaay Paay)Mission Trails Regional Park9/2/092.41194
Eagle PeakCleveland National Forest9/10/094.23226Trail Map
North Fortuna MountainMission Trails Regional Park9/15/094.61291
South Fortuna MountainMission Trails Regional Park9/15/091.81094
Viejas MountainCleveland National Forest9/17/093.54189Trail Map
Wooded HillLaguna Mountain Recreation Area10/2/091.56223
Combs PeakAnza-Borrego Desert State Park10/10/094.76193Trail Map
Monument PeakLaguna Mountain Recreation Area10/14/092.96271
Ghost MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park10/16/0933420
Garnet PeakLaguna Mountain Recreation Area10/18/092.45909Trail Map
Garnet MountainLaguna Mountain Recreation Area10/18/090.755700
Middle PeakCuyamaca Rancho State Park11/1/095.75883Trail Map
Hot Springs MountainLos Coyotes Indian Reservation11/8/090.46533Trail Map
Monserate MountainFallbrook Land Conservancy11/18/093.21567
McGinty MountainThe Nature Conservancy11/28/094.82183
Sycuan PeakThe Nature Conservancy12/1/0922801
Stonewall PeakCuyamaca Rancho State Park12/8/0945730
Sheephead MountainLaguna Mountain Recreation Area1/14/103.55896
Oakzanita PeakCuyamaca Rancho State Park1/24/104.65054
Villager Peak (and Rabbit Peak-Riverside County)Anza-Borrego Desert State Park1/30/1013.785756Trail Map
Lawson PeakCleveland National Forest2/7/104.53664
Gaskill PeakCleveland National Forest2/7/105.53836
Stanley PeakDaley Ranch3/8/105.51983
Piedras GrandesAnza-Borrego Desert State Park3/14/1022601
Indian HillAnza-Borrego Desert State Park3/14/1032240
Battle MountainBattle Mountain Open Space Park4/23/100.42803Trail Map
Oak BenchmarkCleveland National Forest5/8/1013965
Peak 4159Cleveland National Forest5/8/101.34159
Ant BenchmarkCleveland National Forest5/8/101.63920
Peak 1546Cleveland National Forest5/8/103.41546
Twin PeaksCity of Poway5/19/102.41306
Ramona PeakSimon Preserve5/25/103.562128
Cuyamaca PeakCuyamaca Rancho State Park5/29/1014.226512
Japacha PeakCuyamaca Rancho State Park5/29/10Trip5825
Airplane Ridge High PointCuyamaca Rancho State Park5/29/10Trip5000
Arrowmaker's Ridge High PointCuyamaca Rancho State Park5/29/10Trip4740
Tooth RockCity of Poway8/8/102.121167
Peak 5243 (Sugg Peak)Cuyamaca Rancho State Park8/22/108.25243
Pine MountainLaguna Mountain Recreation Area10/10/1045660
Guatay MountainCleveland National Forest10/17/105.84885
El Cajon Mountain (AKA El Capitan)El Capitan Open Space Preserve10/24/1011.23675Trail Map
Van Dam PeakCity of Poway1/2/113.061113
Corte Madera MountainCleveland National Forest1/9/116.54657
Los Pinos Mountain LookoutCleveland National Forest1/9/1144809
Manza BenchmarkLaguna Mountain Recreation Area1/23/1145556Trail Map
Morena ButteCleveland National Forest2/13/117.73919Trail Map
Bonny BenchmarkAnza-Borrego Desert State Park2/25/11Trip4574Trail Map
White BenchmarkAnza-Borrego Desert State Park2/25/115.265326Trail Map
East Mesa High PointCuyamaca Rancho State Park3/20/118.85178Trail Map
The ThimbleAnza-Borrego Desert State Park4/10/11Trip5779Trail Map
San Ysidro MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park4/10/117.966147Trail Map
Whale PeakAnza-Borrego Desert State Park4/17/11105350Trail Map
Peak 1755San Dieguito River Park5/21/114.41755Trail Map
Sunshine MountainCleveland National Forest6/8/1123154Trail Map
Boucher HillPalomar Mountain State Park6/22/113.55438Trail Map
Bell BluffCleveland National Forest7/5/1173409Trail Map
Long Valley PeakCleveland National Forest7/9/1154833Trail Map
Mount TuleAnza-Borrego Desert State Park10/4/112.24647Trail Map
Square TopAnza-Borrego Desert State Park4/5/148.44649
Volcan MountainVolcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve8/10/1455719Trail Map
Cemetery HillCleveland National Forest11/2/143.63459Trail Map
Big Black MountainCleveland National Forest3/17/1514.24051Trail Map
Peak 3339Anza-Borrego Desert State Park3/27/156.63339Trail Map
IndianheadAnza-Borrego Desert State ParkTBD3980
Red HillAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Mine BMAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Sombrero PeakAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
False SombreroAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
P5340 (Mile High)Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Sentenac MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Grapevine MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Coyote MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Borrego Mountain West ButteAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Borrego Mountain East ButteAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Jacumba MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
P4492 (Pinyon Mountains)Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Wilson BMAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
P4614 (Pinyon Ridge)Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Chariot MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
Double Peak
Denk Tank Mountain
Rock Mountain
Eagle RockWarner Springs
High Point Lookout
Eagle Crag
Agua Tibia
San Pasqual North Viewpoint
Mother Miguel Mountain (via Rockhouse Trail switchbacks)
Otay Mountain
Tecate Peak
Point Loma
Granite MountainAnza-Borrego Desert State Park

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