• Upper Crabtree Lake, Sierra Nevada

Foot pain diagnosis: Morton’s Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma

For those of you who were wondering how my feet were doing, since I mentioned how painful they were in my trips to San Gorgonio and the Muir Taco trip to the Sierra, they are doing a little better. Not a lot, but there has been improvement. I went to the foot doctor and was diagnosed with Morton's … [Read more...]

Cemetery Hill – SD Peak #69 – A Short Backpacking Trip Bathed in Sunset Light

Our tent on Cemetery Hill

I had gotten settled back into San Diego. It had been a couple of months since the Muir Taco trip to the Sierra. I had only gotten out for some short hikes around my house. I've been curious about a place in Cleveland National Forest called Cemetery Hill that I've seen on the map. It was pretty near … [Read more...]

Peak a Peak and Go – 100 Peaks T-Shirt now available on Adayak

100 Peaks T-Shirt - Women's

I just got back from backpacking four days in the Sierra Nevada backcountry and what do I find in my inbox? The 100 Peaks T-shirt is ready to go. It's been a long time coming, but the 100 Peaks T-shirts are now available at Adayak.com. Support 100peaks.com and show to everyone that you love the … [Read more...]

Muir Taco – Four Days in the Sierra Nevada from Bishop Pass

Jeff, continuing to descend into Le Conte Canyon with Langille Peak dominating

We had a mission for Muir Taco: Deliver fresh carne asada tacos and cold beer to unsuspecting hikers along the John Muir Trail at the Muir Hut at the top of Muir Pass. While we missed our ultimate destination goal, we had a great time in the Sierra Nevada, saw some stunning scenery, and, in the end, … [Read more...]

San Gorgonio Mountain – No summit, but a great overnight backpacking trip

Sunset view from High Creek Camp

This hike was to be a training hike for our upcoming backpacking trip into the Sierra. The idea was to do an overnight trip to High Creek Camp and wake up the next morning to summit San Gorgonio Mountain and make it back to the car. Well, half of us made that trip. The PD and I, getting … [Read more...]

5 Tips on Getting Children Interested in the Outdoors

Sophia, playing atop Ghost Mountain

This was originally a blog post that I wrote for the Sport Chalet Outdoor Community blog in 2012. It appears that they have taken it down, so I am reposting it here, with some minor edits. All content is written by me. I've added some pictures from over the years to illustrate the point that it … [Read more...]

Arroyo Seco Trail Camp – A short backpacking trip in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Sophie Selfie on the Arroyo Seco Trail

Arroyo Seco Trail Camp 3 Miles Round Trip Picnic Tables No Fires While scouting out for a short backpacking trip, Arroyo Seco came to mind. I've been keeping my eye on it, since Sophia was too young for backpacking when we left San Diego, but she is a seasoned backpacker now. However, the … [Read more...]

Volcan Mountain – SD Peak #68 – Golden hills with a great view

Almost to the top of Volan Mountain

We headed out to Volcan Mountain a day after my hike with Sophia to Barnett Ranch Preserve. The PD and I decided to get some trail time in as training for our upcoming backpacking trips. I also had just moved back home to San Diego, so it was nice to hike with him again. It was bound to be a warm … [Read more...]

Barnett Ranch Preserve – A sunny hike through Ramona grasslands

A slight breeze came up

We were back in San Diego for good and my daughter was on summer vacation. It was time to hike, regardless of how hot it was. We filled up our hydration bladders with ice and water and headed out to Ramona, for a rolling hike through some grasslands. I had driven by Barnett Ranch Preserve several … [Read more...]

Vote for 100 Peaks as Your Favorite Hiking and Outdoors Travel Blogger

Soph and I, ready for the trail

VOTE HERE Hello friends, I have been nominated for USA Today's 10Best: Your Favorite Hiking and Outdoors Travel Blogger. It is an honor and this is one of those contests where you can vote more than once. I'd appreciate any votes you can give!   From their website: The top hiking and … [Read more...]