• Upper Crabtree Lake, Sierra Nevada

5 Tips on Getting Children Interested in the Outdoors

Sophia, playing atop Ghost Mountain

This was originally a blog post that I wrote for the Sport Chalet Outdoor Community blog in 2012. It appears that they have taken it down, so I am reposting it here, with some minor edits. All content is written by me. I've added some pictures from over the years to illustrate the point that it … [Read more...]

Barnett Ranch Preserve – A sunny hike through Ramona grasslands

A slight breeze came up

We were back in San Diego for good and my daughter was on summer vacation. It was time to hike, regardless of how hot it was. We filled up our hydration bladders with ice and water and headed out to Ramona, for a rolling hike through some grasslands. I had driven by Barnett Ranch Preserve several … [Read more...]

Vote for 100 Peaks as Your Favorite Hiking and Outdoors Travel Blogger

Soph and I, ready for the trail

VOTE HERE Hello friends, I have been nominated for USA Today's 10Best: Your Favorite Hiking and Outdoors Travel Blogger. It is an honor and this is one of those contests where you can vote more than once. I'd appreciate any votes you can give!   From their website: The top hiking and … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Santa Barbara and Los Padres National Forest

Santa Barbara

Saying goodbye is always hard. Especially for me. Especially when saying goodbye through the eyes of my daughter. She is the sweetest and most imaginative person you could ever meet. Trust me, I am her father. She made good friends at her school and dojo while she was here. To see the choices I … [Read more...]

The one where I leave the tech industry for good and buy an adult book store

The address number

It's not what it seems, but it's also literally what it seems. As I mentioned in my blog post from May, there are some changes coming ahead. We will make it back to San Diego at the end of this month, easing back into our old home there. Today, we purchased a commercial property in Historic … [Read more...]

Gear Review: The Skeeter Beater – screens for your car windows

The Skeeter Beater

Last December, Soph and I were planning a trip to Carrizo Plain National Monument. It was going to be cold, so I decided we were going to drive out there and sleep in the car. I wondered how stuffy it would get, so I'd probably want to crack the windows. Then I started wondering if bugs were going … [Read more...]

The Franklin Trail – A relatively new hike in Carpinteria

The view from the end of Phase 1 of The Franklin Trail

The Franklin Trail Distance: ~4 miles Soph and I had a day to ourselves. We had heard of the Franklin Trail when we met Bud Girard, a long-time trail supporter, hiking along Carpinteria Bluffs many months ago. He mentioned that the Franklin Trail was going to be opening soon. Thanks to his … [Read more...]

100 Peaks turns 5 – Another Year Passes

Carp Camping

Once again, I looked at the calendar and am reminded that something I created for fun (and profit!) has turned another year old. My ability to get outside seems to have diminished, but my life hasn't been completely free of the outdoors. I was able to go car camping to Davy Brown Campground with … [Read more...]

Davy Brown Campground – Car Camping with Soph

Making moss cakes at Davy Brown Campground

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pfYqLkpB5Q&w=750 Once again, I had an opportunity to go camping with my daughter. This time, because I recommended it about 7 months ago in the winter, she wanted to go car camping. That doesn't mean she wanted to go to a campsite and pitch a tent next to a car, … [Read more...]

Please help save a portion of El Cajon Mountain

A last look back at El Cajon Mountain on the way out

Many of us have hiked El Cajon Mountain, or called El Cap by the locals. It's a challenging hike that seems like it's uphill both ways. Recently, the San Diego River Park Foundation were presented with an opportunity to acquire one of the three remaining parcels of privately-own land on the … [Read more...]