Bernardo Mountain – Peak #3


The view from the top of Bernardo Mountain

The view from the top of Bernardo Mountain

Bernardo Mountain
Elevation: 1,150′
Miles: 7.2
Trail head (33.06633, -117.0682)
Agency: San Diego River Valley Conservancy

I got a late start this morning, which meant I baked on the trail. I saw a red-tailed hawk, heard a rattlesnake, sat in the shade by a gurgling stream, and had an incredible view of Lake Hodges. I started on the east side of the 15 freeway by the Sikes Adobe and headed under the freeway to the lake. As of 2015, the lake is very dry from the drought.

This is a very exposed hike in a warm part of the county. That, and it’s length requires an early start in the summer with plenty of water.

My favorite part was to sit by the stream on a bench.

Bernardo Mountain Trail Map

Bernardo Mountain Trail Map (Click to Enlarge)

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