The outdoors, escapism, and selling hamburgers

Sometimes, this is enough

As I pass the one month mark since Burger Bench has opened, my urge to have an outdoor adventure has increased incredibly. The restaurant has been very successful, beyond what we could have hoped for. Our customers have been friendly and generous in their reviews. As can be expected, my entire days are filled with […]

Have I lost my mountain mojo?

The PD on challenging day on the way to Mount Whitney in 2010

About 9 months ago, I read the following paragraph in a blog about summiting spectacular peaks in the Canadian Rockies. I had been reading this blog for several years and his posts about the peaks he climbs in challenging winter conditions are truly inspirational. Many are climbs the likes of which I will never attempt. […]

Peak a Peak and Go – 100 Peaks T-Shirt now available on Adayak

100 Peaks T-Shirt - Women's

I just got back from backpacking four days in the Sierra Nevada backcountry and what do I find in my inbox? The 100 Peaks T-shirt is ready to go. It’s been a long time coming, but the 100 Peaks T-shirts are now available at Support and show to everyone that you love the […]

Goodbye, Santa Barbara and Los Padres National Forest

Santa Barbara

Saying goodbye is always hard. Especially for me. Especially when saying goodbye through the eyes of my daughter. She is the sweetest and most imaginative person you could ever meet. Trust me, I am her father. She made good friends at her school and dojo while she was here. To see the choices I make in […]

My first time being a guest on a podcast

What it might have looked like had we taken a picture

I was graciously invited by Doug Vannier, a local podcaster and fellow San Diego hiker, to be a guest on his comedy podcast, 347 Steps. We had been emailing back and forth for a while, talking about potential dates and hikes. Since they record on weekday evenings, it’s hard for me to get away. And […]

Long Valley Peak – Peak 65 – Hiking with the PD in a Fire Ant Swarm

Some of the many shotgun shells we saw on Pine Valley Road

  Long Valley Peak Elevation: 4,833′ Total Mileage: ~5 Trailhead Map (32.81667, -116.53275) I was initially planning on hiking Palomar Mountain on this day, but, at the 11th hour, literally, I decided on something with a little less distance and gain. Besides, it’s a long drive to Palomar and I wanted to get in more […]

The Two Year Anniversary of 100 Peaks – A Pause for Reflection

Myself, taking a photo on a windy peak

Last week, a day after I hiked Boucher Hill, I passed the two year mark. It’s been two years since I saw the San Diego Sierra Club’s List and decided I wanted to hike them all and write a guidebook about it. It’s been two years since I hiked Iron Mountain for the first time, […]