Montgomery Potrero and McPherson Peak – A Backpacking Trip

Painted Rock Campsite

Total Trip Length: 33.5 miles in 3 days This trip to Montgomery Potrero started like many things do: in a bar, over drinks. Several coworkers and I were sitting around chatting, and, as most conversations with me go, it turned to hiking and the outdoors. All three of us were experienced backpackers and were eager […]

Grass Mountain – Peak #27 – A rainy day on the trail

Grass Mountain

Grass Mountain Elevation: 3,685′ Distance: 4.6 miles It was Superbowl Sunday. I don’t have cable. I had a free day. I checked the weather report and it was pretty much guaranteed to rain. No problem. My last hike was on Oahu around Thanksgiving. I needed this. I had the rain gear. I decided to head […]

Fox Mountain and Cuyama Peak Lookout Tower – Peaks 25 and 26 – Back on the trail

The Cuyama Peak Lookout Tower

  Fox Mountain Elevation: 5,167′ Cuyama Peak Elevation:  5,878′ Distance: ~5 miles Trailhead Since I have been hiking and backpacking with my daughter lately, I have been choosing shorter hikes. As a result, my hiking endurance has suffered a little bit. In order to get me back into shape for longer hikes, I decided to […]

Figueroa Mountain – Peak #24 – An accidental drive-up peak

Pointing out San Rafael Mountain from Figueroa Mountain

Sophia and I had a day all to ourselves. She said she wanted to go hiking and I jumped at the chance. I knew she wanted to go to Seein’ Spots Farm in Santa Ynez. She liked to pet the miniature donkeys and, of course, see the friendliest turkey around, named Twiggy. When Twiggy was rescued, […]

Thorn Point – Peak #22 – Sharing the trail with bear tracks

Thorn Point Lookout Tower

Thorn Point Elevation: 6,920′ Total Mileage: ~7.5 Trailhead Map  It had been a busy week. Actually, it had been a busy month. We finally had a free weekend. Saturday was a nice, relaxing family day that involved swimming, shopping, and dining out. Earlier in the week, I had scoured our family calendar and blocked off […]

Arlington Peak – Peak #21 – Getting above the clouds

Above the clouds on Arlington Peak

Arlington Peak Elevation: 3,253′ Total Mileage: ~4.5 Trailhead Map  I had attempted Arlington Peak back in December, but a late start, causing me to park about a mile away from the trailhead, and an afternoon appointment made me turn around before I could reach the summit. Another thing I’ve noticed is that on some maps […]

Forbush Flat – A Daddy and Daughter Backpacking Adventure

Soph at the Trailhead to Forbush Flat

Mommy was traveling for business, so I decided to ask Sophia if she wanted to go backpacking overnight and sleep in a tent. She jumped at the chance. I even offered to take her other places instead, just to make sure that she truly wanted to go. She said backpacking was what she wanted to […]

Sunshine Mountain – SD Peak #62 redo – Too many ticks

Getting close to Sunshine Mountain

I was excited. I was going down to San Diego. We had a party to go to in Coronado and I had an opportunity to go hiking anywhere in San Diego. However, one peak stuck out in my mind: Sunshine Mountain. My first hike to Sunshine Mountain led me to post later on twitter: There's […]

Matilija Meander – Not even close to White Ledge Peak

A motley, but effective bunch

White Ledge Peak? Well, we weren’t really expecting to get very far. And we definitely met our expectations. You see, I work in Carpinteria, and many of the meeting rooms in my company’s buildings have north-facing windows. And ever since I started there in October 2011, I’ve been staring at what my co-worker calls “Half […]

Montecito Peak – Peak #1 – This Time with the Family

A chilly morning with Montecito Peak in the distance

Recently, my daughter indicated that she wanted to climb Montecito Peak. I let her know that a good way would be to start from the top of the ridge and climb down to it, since the climb from the bottom is ~7 miles and can be pretty steep. Disappointed, she insisted that we try it […]