100 peaks in 100 hours – Two of San Diego’s best endurance athletes attempt the impossible

Nick Hollon on Morena Butte

“Can you clarify what you mean by non-stop?” We sat in a coffee shop, respective laptops open before us. I felt old and slow, sitting next to Nick Hollon’s lanky frame, which bristled with energy and focus. He had emailed me, wanting to obtain some insight on tackling San Diego’s 100 peaks. He hadn’t realized that […]

Fox Mountain and Cuyama Peak Lookout Tower – Peaks 25 and 26 – Back on the trail

The Cuyama Peak Lookout Tower

  Fox Mountain Elevation: 5,167′ Cuyama Peak Elevation:  5,878′ Distance: ~5 miles Trailhead Since I have been hiking and backpacking with my daughter lately, I have been choosing shorter hikes. As a result, my hiking endurance has suffered a little bit. In order to get me back into shape for longer hikes, I decided to […]

San Guillermo Mountain – Peak #23 – A short steep hike

Last push upward to San Guillermo Mountain

San Guillermo Mountain Elevation: 6,602′ Total Mileage: ~2.2 Trailhead Map  San Guillermo Mountain was the second hike I had done that day. The first was Thorn Point, which was nearly 8 miles and pretty steep. This one was supposed to be a quick 2 mile round trip hike to a Sierra Club Hundred Peaks Section […]

Thorn Point – Peak #22 – Sharing the trail with bear tracks

Thorn Point Lookout Tower

Thorn Point Elevation: 6,920′ Total Mileage: ~7.5 Trailhead Map  It had been a busy week. Actually, it had been a busy month. We finally had a free weekend. Saturday was a nice, relaxing family day that involved swimming, shopping, and dining out. Earlier in the week, I had scoured our family calendar and blocked off […]

San Gabriel Peak, Mount Disappointment, Mount Deception, Mount Markham and Mount Lowe

San Gabriel Peak from the trail

San Gabriel Peak: 6,161′ Mount Disappointment: 5,960′ Mount Deception: 5,796′ Mount Markham: 5,742′ Mount Lowe: 5,603 Trailhead Two years ago, three of us SoCal Bloggers went to Whale Peak. They came to my hood and I tried to show them a good time. Since then, I’ve moved to the Santa Barbara area and started hiking […]

Montecito Peak – Peak #1 – This Time with the Family

A chilly morning with Montecito Peak in the distance

Recently, my daughter indicated that she wanted to climb Montecito Peak. I let her know that a good way would be to start from the top of the ridge and climb down to it, since the climb from the bottom is ~7 miles and can be pretty steep. Disappointed, she insisted that we try it […]

Chief Peak and Nordhoff Peak – #13 & 14 – Beyond the Beard

Craig, doing The Crane on top of Chief Peak

Chief Peak Elevation: 5,560′+ Nordhoff Peak Elevation: 4,485′ Miles: >1 (We cheated a little) Agency: Los Padres National Forest Over the last few months, I’ve been communicating with Craig Carey, the author of Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara & Ventura. He gave me some tips on where to camp for my backpacking trip to Mt Pinos […]

Redemption: Day-hiking San Jacinto Peak and living to tell about it

At the top of San Jacinto Peak again

San Jacinto Peak Elevation: 10,834′ Miles: 11.4 Round Trip Gain/Loss: ~4,800′ +/- Time up: 4:18 Time down: 2:41 Flashback: In October 2007, the PD and I, among others, summited San Jacinto Peak as part of an overnight backpacking trip. Bristling with confidence, having had a great deal of past experience hiking and having done well […]

Mount Pinos, Sawmill and Grouse Mountains – Peaks# 10-12 – Backpacking with first-timers

Meadow on the Mount Pinos Trail

Mount Pinos Elevation: 8,847′ Sawmill Mountain Elevation: 8,818′ Grouse Mountain Elevation: 8,582′ Total Mileage: 14.22 miles Trailhead I was more than excited. It was going to be my first time camping locally. I was going to be taking my 11-year-old niece (XN, the PD’s daughter) and other my brother-in-law (McD) out on their first backpacking […]

Reyes Peak and Haddock Mountain – Peaks 10 and 11 – A rolling hike over 7,000′

Flower Field near Reyes Peak

Reyes Peak Elevation: 7,510′ Haddock Mountain Elevation:  7,416 Miles: ~9 Miles Trail head Agency: Los Padres National Forest The quail was a blur as it flew into the road. I heard it thump against my bumper and knew it was a goner. It happened too fast for me to even react. I slowed and looked behind […]