Big Black Mountain – SD Peak #70 – My first section hike

The summit of Big Black Mountain comes into view

Big Black Mountain Elevation: 4,051′ Miles: 14.2 Trail head Agency: Cleveland National Forest Section hiking: hiking a trail one section at a time, without continuity and not necessarily in sequence with the other sections. While section hiking usually refers to a method of completing longer trails, like the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian Trail, this time I was […]

Barnett Ranch Preserve – A sunny hike through Ramona grasslands

A slight breeze came up

We were back in San Diego for good and my daughter was on summer vacation. It was time to hike, regardless of how hot it was. We filled up our hydration bladders with ice and water and headed out to Ramona, for a rolling hike through some grasslands. I had driven by Barnett Ranch Preserve […]

Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West – No peaks, but a beautiful hike

09 Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West with Cuyamaca Peak in the distance

There is a group of people that I come in contact with. They pour over maps and make note of every little high point, some that are named and some aren’t. They sit at home and close their eyes, imagining what it would be like to look at the surrounding landscape from that vantage point. […]

Mount Gower – Peak #6

Indianhead, San Vicente Mountain and El Cajon Mountain from false Mount Gower

I was able to get to an early start today, after a nice upper body workout with Joe Decker at Gut Check Fitness. I arrived at the trailhead at about 8AM and got started. I encountered some friendly locals on the trail walking their dogs early in the morning and no one else the entire day. […]