Lanilili – A fun and muddy hike to a peak on Maui

The view north from Lanilili

While scanning the map of Maui, I was struggling to see where I could hike to a peak. There’s Haleakala, which is a drive-up peak, and there’s Pu’u Kukui, where you have to know someone in order to get access. I wanted it to be reasonable hike, as I was on vacation, so I found […]

Grass Mountain – Peak #27 – A rainy day on the trail

Grass Mountain

Grass Mountain Elevation: 3,685′ Distance: 4.6 miles It was Superbowl Sunday. I don’t have cable. I had a free day. I checked the weather report and it was pretty much guaranteed to rain. No problem. My last hike was on Oahu around Thanksgiving. I needed this. I had the rain gear. I decided to head […]

Mount Tule – Peak 66 – A short hike in the rain and wind

The view from the trailhead

Mount Tule Elevation: 4,649′ Miles: 2.25 Trail head (32.71269, -116.23672) Agency: McCain Valley National Co-op Land and Wildlife Management Area It’s always nice to be able to get away. Even if sometimes the hike is the same duration as the drive to and from the trailhead. Sometimes it’s the anticipation of the hike, of the view, […]

Gear Review – Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket

Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket

Disclaimer: Columbia sent me a free jacket for me to field test. Their purpose was for me to take a survey after I used it out in the field. But I also wanted to write about it here. When I received the Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket in the mail, the first thing I noticed […]

Lawson and Gaskill Peaks – Peaks #29 and 30 – Braving the weather

Lawson Peak shrouded in clouds from the Lawson Peak Trail

Lawson Peak: Elevation: 3,664′ Miles: 4.5 Gaskill Peak: Elevation: 3,836′ Miles: +2.5 (added to total above) Trailhead All week the weather report stated that Sunday was going to be sunny. However, late Saturday night, the weather report changed to showers and sun. On my way to the trailhead, I had to slow the car down […]

McGinty Mountain – Peak #23 – Rain, Mud, Hail, and Wind

McGinty Mountain Trail Map (Click to Enlarge)

Elevation: 2,183′ Miles: 4.8 Trailhead For the first time in 164 days, San Diego got rain. The forecast said that there was to be some small showers here and there, but nothing much. Before I went to bed last night, I committed myself to going on a hike today. A little rain never hurt anyone, […]

Pyles Peak – Peak #8

At 854′ in .75 miles from trailhead to summit, this hike was straight up the whole way. It wasn’t until I got almost the whole way up that I saw a sign reading that the trail was closed. So basically I followed game trails until I hit a highly used ridge that met up with the […]