Unnamed Ridge Exploration – Part 2 – Still no summit

The brushy bump is the ridge I came down on

Once again, instead of hiking on a well-established trail, I wanted to go to somewhere where I could explore.  I returned to Camino Cielo and proceeded down the same ridge toward Gidney Creek as I did about a month and a half before. This time, I had more time, since I had taken the day […]

A pleasant day in Wheeler Gorge

In flight

As usual, when my wife is traveling, I look for ways for Soph and I to bond in the wilderness. Recently I saw a photo of a child receiving a junior ranger badge from the Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center and asked Sophia if she was interested in getting one. She said yes, and she wanted […]

Sunshine Mountain – SD Peak #62 redo – Too many ticks

Getting close to Sunshine Mountain

I was excited. I was going down to San Diego. We had a party to go to in Coronado and I had an opportunity to go hiking anywhere in San Diego. However, one peak stuck out in my mind: Sunshine Mountain. My first hike to Sunshine Mountain led me to post later on twitter: There's […]