Laguna Meadow – A late winter family outing

Enjoying a view of Big Laguna

  Back in February, it was a gorgeous winter day. There was a chill in the air, but spring was on its way. I carved a day out on the calendar away from Burger Bench. I wanted to take my family on a gentle hike so we could enjoy our time together without gasping our […]

East Mesa High Point – Peak #57 – Grasslands in Eastern Cuyamaca

East Mesa Fire Road

East Mesa High Point Elevation: 5,178′ Mileage: 8.8 Trailhead Map Once again, I was going to be racing weather. The report said that high winds, coupled with heavy rains and snow at Mount Laguna and Cuyamaca Peak would be unleashed at exactly 5PM. I’d say that would be a motivating factor in getting off the […]

Manza Benchmark – Peak 53 – A Windy Hike along the Sunset Trail in Mount Laguna

The Trail through the trees

This topic has been coming up a lot lately in my conversations: Have you ever met an unfriendly hiker? In all sorts of other recreational activities, it seems like there are hotheads and inconsiderate people. But hikers, in my experience, reach some sort of meditative state where they are at some sort of peace with […]

Pine Mountain – Peak 47 – The Real Thing

Sunrise on Pine Mountain

Wanting to complete my hike to Pine Mountain while the way was still fresh in my head, I got up this morning at 4:30 AM. I wanted to be on the trail early before the day warmed up. Even though the forecast read it was to be 45 F with 2mph winds, it was 65 […]

Stickers Protesting the Sierra Club in Southern California Summit Registers

Sticker on the Ken Point summit register

An online friend of mine stumbled upon a couple of curious stickers while hiking on recent hikes. One was on Garnet Mountain, which I hiked about 11 months ago, and another was on Ken Point, a peak along the Desert Divide. Since I didn’t see the sticker on Garnet Mountain when I was there, I […]

Peak #46 – Sugg Peak, a view into East Mesa in Cuyamaca

Sugg Peak Benchmark

Elevation Gain: 1,205′ Miles: 8.5 Trailhead I was excited to get back to Cuyamaca and excited to be going after a peak that I could see from my hike up to the top of Oakzanita Peak. I am glad that I didn’t attempt this the same day as Oakzanita hike, since the bushwhacking involved would […]

Charred Remains Found near Mount Laguna

In Mount Laguna, near a remote hiking trail, a body has been found that appears to have been burnt at the site. Police don’t know yet if the body is a male or female and the remains were airlifted to the Medical Examiners office. It’s always possible that a campfire got out of control, especially […]

Laguna Mountain Recreation Area – Meadows and peaks at the edge of the desert

Laguna Mountain Recreation Area Descanso Ranger District – Cleveland National Forest Owen Martin, District Ranger 3348 Alpine Boulevard Alpine, CA 91901 (619) 445-6235 Agency: Cleveland National Forest Laguna Mountain Recreation Area is located about 45 minutes from downtown San Diego and is adjacent to Rancho Cuyamaca State Park, is part of the Cleveland National Forest, and is […]

Sheephead Mountain – Peak #26 – A Cold Morning in Mount Laguna

Map from park info showing route on public lands

Elevation: 5,896′ Miles: 3.5 Trailhead After the holidays and a lengthy battle with the flu, I was ready to get back on the trail. It was a chilly pre-dawn morning, but alive with the promise of sun and beautiful blue skies. On the road to the trailhead in Mount Laguna, the sun started to peek […]

Garnet Peak – Peak #18

Garnet Peak Trail Map

Elevation: 5,909′ Miles: 2.4 Trailhead Today was a family day. All three of us drove out to Mount Laguna to enjoy the warm weather and great outdoors. The whole family was going to go to Garnet Peak and then I was going to run the 3/4 miles up and down Garnet Mountain, so that I […]