Granite Springs Trail Camp – Cuyamaca moon

East Mesa highpoint, almost to Granite Springs Trail Camp

Summer had just come to an end, but it sure didn’t feel like it. It was sweltering in the lowlands and in the past I’d headed to the hills to get some relief. Since my daughter had a day off on Monday, we decided to go backpacking. We had already backpacked to Arroyo Seco in […]

Green Valley Campground – A short overnight camping trip in Cuyamaca

Our campsite

I knew that Veteran’s Day was coming up and Soph wouldn’t have school, so I decided to take her to Cuyamaca for the night. Her cousins wanted to join her, too. So, three of us fathers, with a total of four daughters packed up two family tents and a bunch of food and headed to […]

Arroyo Seco Trail Camp – A short backpacking trip in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Sophie Selfie on the Arroyo Seco Trail

Arroyo Seco Trail Camp 3 Miles Round Trip Picnic Tables No Fires While scouting out for a short backpacking trip, Arroyo Seco came to mind. I’ve been keeping my eye on it, since Sophia was too young for backpacking when we left San Diego, but she is a seasoned backpacker now. However, the information online […]

East Mesa High Point – Peak #57 – Grasslands in Eastern Cuyamaca

East Mesa Fire Road

East Mesa High Point Elevation: 5,178′ Mileage: 8.8 Trailhead Map Once again, I was going to be racing weather. The report said that high winds, coupled with heavy rains and snow at Mount Laguna and Cuyamaca Peak would be unleashed at exactly 5PM. I’d say that would be a motivating factor in getting off the […]

Prop 21 and California State Parks – All is Not Lost

As many of you know, Proposition 21 did not pass. If you need information on it, please read some details about it elsewhere. I have to admit that I didn’t vote either way. Due to a crazy schedule, I failed to do the appropriate amount of research and really couldn’t make an informed decision. While […]

Peak #46 – Sugg Peak, a view into East Mesa in Cuyamaca

Sugg Peak Benchmark

Elevation Gain: 1,205′ Miles: 8.5 Trailhead I was excited to get back to Cuyamaca and excited to be going after a peak that I could see from my hike up to the top of Oakzanita Peak. I am glad that I didn’t attempt this the same day as Oakzanita hike, since the bushwhacking involved would […]

Cuyamaca Peak +3 – Peaks 41-44 – A Traverse and a Loop through Western Cuyamaca

The PD Getting to the top of Cuyamaca Peak

Cuyamaca Peak Elevation: 6,512′ Japacha Peak Elevation: 5,825′ Airplane Ridge Elevation: 5,000′ Arrowmakers Ridge Elevation: 4,740′ Total Mileage: 14.22 miles Getting to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park always takes longer than I think it does. I left the house at 6AM and didn’t get on the trail until 8AM, as I have to take into consideration […]

Body Of Missing Hiker Believed Found Near Stonewall Peak in Cuyamaca

Stairway to Stonewall

A body was found near Stonewall Peak in Cuyamaca today. The body is believed to be that of 52-year-old Joseph Roushar, (who appears to have been a local masseuse via a quick Google search) who went hiking about noon on Friday. His jacket containing his cell phone was found at around 7PM the same day. Rescuers began […]

Oakzanita Peak – Peak #27 – A hike through the snow

Robb on the trail

Elevation: 5,054′ Miles: ~6 Trail head A series of heavy storms have hit San Diego since my trip up Sheephead Mountain. The storms dumped a lot of water and, in higher elevations, a lot of snow. I was in Mount Laguna yesterday and saw what looked like a light dusting of snow on the Cuyamaca […]

Sheephead Mountain – Peak #26 – A Cold Morning in Mount Laguna

Map from park info showing route on public lands

Elevation: 5,896′ Miles: 3.5 Trailhead After the holidays and a lengthy battle with the flu, I was ready to get back on the trail. It was a chilly pre-dawn morning, but alive with the promise of sun and beautiful blue skies. On the road to the trailhead in Mount Laguna, the sun started to peek […]