New 100 Peaks T-shirts available

I Like 2 Hike t-shirt

Hello happy readers, I’ve designed another t-shirt over at that’s now for sale. Show off your propensity for strapping on some boots and carrying several pounds of water over great distances by proudly wearing one of these beauties. All 100 Peaks’ styles can be found at If you are interested in different colors or […]

100 peaks in 100 hours – Two of San Diego’s best endurance athletes attempt the impossible

Nick Hollon on Morena Butte

“Can you clarify what you mean by non-stop?” We sat in a coffee shop, respective laptops open before us. I felt old and slow, sitting next to Nick Hollon’s lanky frame, which bristled with energy and focus. He had emailed me, wanting to obtain some insight on tackling San Diego’s 100 peaks. He hadn’t realized that […]

Gear Up for Geocaching –’s Gear Givaway for August 2013

Cousin's First Time Geocaching has reached out to me and asked me to promote their Gear Up for Geocaching giveaway. They’ve decided to give away gear packages to three lucky individuals. Featuring gear from brands such as Camp Chef, Mountainsmith, Greenlayer, 7eye, MHM, Kor and Skratch Labs, each of the three prize packages is worth nearly $600. In addition, they are giving away a free one-year Geocaching Premium […]

100 Peaks Gets Featured on Its Second Podcast – In Ice Axe We Trust

In Ice Axe We Trust

I tweeted about it back in January, but forgot to mention it here. I was interviewed and otherwise included in the podcast called In Ice Axe We Trust, hosted by The Last Adventurer and The Peak Seeker. It was a light-hearted chat about hiking in San Diego, getting in shape for hiking, and everything in […]

Getting Kids Interested in the Outdoors – Hiking with Children


A blog post I wrote for Sport Chalet got published today. Most of you have been following my adventures that I’ve had with my daughter. This post gives some tips on how I keep her engaged and how to make hiking with children a good experience. Enjoy! How-to Get Children Interested in Hiking the Outdoors […]

Honoring Jerry Schad – Is the Coast to Crest Trail the right trail?

As you likely know, legendary hiker and professor Jerry Schad passed away recently. Many people have expressed how he had touched their lives. Once I was an adult, I started my hiking history in Orange County, using his book as my sole reference to the surrounding trails. My girlfriend at the time, (she’s my wife, […]

My first time being a guest on a podcast

What it might have looked like had we taken a picture

I was graciously invited by Doug Vannier, a local podcaster and fellow San Diego hiker, to be a guest on his comedy podcast, 347 Steps. We had been emailing back and forth for a while, talking about potential dates and hikes. Since they record on weekday evenings, it’s hard for me to get away. And […]

The Two Year Anniversary of 100 Peaks – A Pause for Reflection

Myself, taking a photo on a windy peak

Last week, a day after I hiked Boucher Hill, I passed the two year mark. It’s been two years since I saw the San Diego Sierra Club’s List and decided I wanted to hike them all and write a guidebook about it. It’s been two years since I hiked Iron Mountain for the first time, […]