Sycuan Peak – Peak #24 – An Early Morning Ascent

Sycuan Peak
Elevation: 2,801′
Miles: 2.1

I got a nice early start this morning, arriving at the trailhead at about 6:40AM. There wasn’t much parking on the road and the trailhead was easy to miss. The sign for the ecological preserve doesn’t appear until several hundred feet up the trail.

The trail immediately started climbing steeply, exposing me to the warming sun and giving me views of  Sloane Canyon and Lawson Valley. As I continued to ascend and warm up, I was able to see San Miguel Mountain from a different view than I did on my ascent of McGinty Mountain that I did last Saturday.

San Miguel Mountain from Sycuan Peak Trail

San Miguel Mountain from Sycuan Peak Trail

It was a fairly short hike and a great way to break in my new Vasque Mantras.

My Blurs had finally died on my last hike after many, many miles. The new shoes worked quite well and I am looking forward to feeling them break in.

After a reasonable incline, I scrambled up some rocks and made it to the summit. It was pretty quiet; the sounds from commuting cars on Lawson Valley Road fell away as I climbed. The sun was peeking out from Gaskill and Lawson Peaks and bathing the area in a golden glow. Since I wasn’t in too much of a hurry, I sat down and enjoyed the silence for a bit before heading back down. A perfect start to a day.

El Cajon Mountain from Sycuan Peak

El Cajon Mountain from Sycuan Peak

Sycuan Peak Benchmark

Sycuan Peak Benchmark

Loveland Reservoir and Viejas Mountain from Sycuan Peak

Loveland Reservoir and Viejas Mountain from Sycuan Peak

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  1. jessica says

    yay i did this one today – it was a good day for it – nice and clear. we went around 10am. it looks nice in the early morning too. i didn’t notice the benchmark but we saw a couple horny toad lizards.

  2. Rylan says

    Hi my name is Rylan and I am 6 years old. Today I climbed Sycuan Peak with my uncle and papa. It was fun.

  3. Bryce Klaput says

    Pretty good hike…short and sweet. I thought I’d read it here but it must have been on another site, but the trailhead starts about 100 feet after the 2.5 mile sign on Lawson Valley Road; look for it on the left hand side if you are traveling east (you will also have to park on that side of the road I imagine). Good late evening hike or if you go earlier it might be good to do as a start to something else–maybe start at Sycuan and then go bag Lawson and Gaskill. Didn’t have time for the other two tonight but will go back and get them soon.

  4. Joel says

    I couldn’t find the survey marker when I hiked to the peak last weekend… Where did you find it?

  5. says

    Joel, It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to the top, but I remember scanning around the rock pile and it being in one of them. It always possible someone removed it. I sure hope not.

  6. Luke says

    Hiked it with five kids ages 4-9 and a dog. Great hike for the age range with a nice payoff of views at the peak. We had lunch at the top. Didn’t start until 10:30 and still had it almost to ourselves on a sunny Saturday in May–just passed one group on their way up as we descended.

    Great hike.

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