Kwaay Paay Peak – Peak #9

This was my second peak of the day and the temperature just kept on rising. I parked by the Old Mission Dam area and started hiking up the trail and was presented with a beautiful view of Kwaay Paay Peak from the trailhead.

View of Kwaay Paay peak from the trail

View of Kwaay Paay peak from the trail

The trail was fairly straightforward and not too steep until the last .5 miles. At that point, you are presented with a steep slope leading straight up the side of the mountain. In 100F weather, and being the second hike of the day, it is not for the faint of heart. I climbed the near-vertical slope, which would be great if I was going downhill on a pair of skis, and reached the level part of the trail on top. I reached the summit and drank plenty of water, enjoying the view of the San Diego River Valley.

San Diego River Valley from the Peak

San Diego River Valley from the Peak

To the north, I could see the span on the 52 Freeway and the barren rolling hills of USMC Air Station Miramar. Wiping sweat from my eyes, I started on the dusty trail downward.

A span on the 52 Freeway with USMCAS Miramar beyond

A span on the 52 Freeway with USMCAS Miramar beyond

The themometer in my car read 100F at the trailhead, easily 13-15 degrees hotter than yesterday. One more trail to go for double-digit peak completion.

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  1. jessica says

    this is the only peak at Mission Trails i have not ascended – i guess it’s not very long but maybe i’m afraid it’s going to be too steep. i’m surprised you went in 100 degree weather!

  2. says

    Hit this peak early this morning before it got too hot. Nice hike and boy does it get steep towards the top. Thankfully it is a maintained trail and there are steps and sandbags to use.

    Is Mt. San Miguel on your list of peaks to bag?


  3. says

    Congrats on Peak #2. San Miguel is not on my list, as I contacted the San Diego Wildlife refuge and confirmed that the peak is off-limits, as it is on private land. I will not encourage my readers to trespass. :)

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