Woodson Mountain – Peak #5

This is a simple power hike on a paved trail. Limited view due to haze, but I sure enjoyed it. I heard plenty of rattlesnakes in the brush and saw 4 condors overhead.

Not at good as 2 years ago, but not bad

Not as good as 2 years ago, but not bad

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  1. Kelly says

    Just did this hike today. The weather was perfect and the views of the ocean were amazing. I’m super happy with the pictures I got from diving board rock. :) Definitely tougher than I thought it would be, but well worth the effort. Can’t imaging doing this hike at the end of July though!

  2. says

    Welcome back!

    Very nice. Which way did you go up, from Lake Poway, or the paved way from the east? As you can see from the banner image on the top of the page, you can get a pretty good view from the top at the right time of the year.

  3. Kelly says

    Good to be back!

    I took the path by Lake Poway. I heard it was the more difficult way up to the summit. I’m looking forward to my Christmas day hike TBD. So many good places it’s hard to decide!

  4. says

    I did this hike as a reward for losing 50 pounds. It was brutal – pushed me to the limit on the way done.

    This is a really cool project. Good luck with it.

  5. says

    I had done this hike once before and enjoyed it; so I decided to do it again last weekend. I remember it being shorter, hehe. Diving board rock is so cool.

    It was a good hike for a mini-milestone. 10/100

  6. Ferdinand says

    lol i hiked this twice early this year and came across a rattle snake! my first wild encounter, we’ll be going back tomorrow with my friends! keep up the good work on your website and book! really appreciate it

  7. says

    I live at the foot of Mt. Woodson, near the hiking trail entrance on the east side. Trust me! There are plenty of rattlesnakes there.

  8. Von says

    I run from bluesky parkn lot to the top 3xs a week i encounter rattle snakes all the time its wild! love it. Im an ultrarunner so i do run it.

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